Sunday, December 8, 2013

Squishy Face Polish Winter Collection

Hello ladies! Today I will be sharing swatches of Squishy Face Polish, an awesome indie line created by my good friend Alice Nguyen. Alice was so kind to send me her Winter Collection plus an extra polish to swatch and review. This collection will be available for purchase today, December 8th at  5 PM PST. I've had the pleasure to meet Alice in person last weekend. She is such a down to earth girl and fun to hang out with. I found out about her indie line on Instagram a couple months ago. Her IG name is @squishypolished. Be sure to follow her page for updates on her latest collections and their availability!

First up is Blizzard of Oz, a velvety, deep blue shimmer polish that applied like a dream, seriously! This polish looked so good on its own, without a top coat. For my swatch, I applied two coats, no top coat. Opacity was good at one coat but I did two to achieve more depth of color. I imagine this would look HOT with a matte top coat too. I'll have to wear it again and do that next time.

Amazing without a top coat huh?!
Next up is Spiced Sangria, a slight duochrome polish that is kinda hard to describe IMO, or i'm just horrible at it. I guess i'll say it's a mauve with flashes of olive green with tiny holo glitters throughout. Very unique color. I applied two coats, no top coat again because it looked good without it. Great formula with easy application.

Do you see the slight duochrome?
Another view of Spiced Sangria. Very hard to capture the beauty of this. I did not do it justice.

Next up is Vivacious Violet, a dark grey/bluish scattered holo polish. Another unique shade and a definite must have for any holo polish lover. It is sooo amazing in the sun too! I applied two coats without a top coat again. It was beautiful on its own. Fantastic formula! I didn't really have to do any clean up here.

Look how strong the holo is indoors?
And BAM! Outdoor shot of Vivacious Violet. I'm in love!!!
Another angle/view of Vivacious Violet
Next up is Winter Wisteria, a sheer thermal polish transitioning from a light blue/teal when warm to a darker teal when cold. It also has micro shimmer throughout. I applied three generous coats plus top coat, no undies. You can also layer this over white or another color as you please. I wonder what this would look like over black. I'll have to do it next time. Fantastic formula again with minimal clean up.
Winter Wisteria in it's warm state
Winter Wisteria in it's cold state
Winter Wisteria in transition

A collage to show the transition
Love this so much! It's beautiful on its own!
Next up is Frostbite, a gunmetal grey, almost black polish filled with silver micro glitters. It was so hard to capture the beauty of this. I did not do it justice and it's a million times better in person. I applied two coats plus top coat. Great formula with easy application.

Indoor shot of Frostbite
Another look of Frostbite taken outdoors in the shade
Next up and last from the Winter Collection is Ice Princess, a sheer thermal polish transitioning  from a pearl tinted pale blue when warm to a light purple when cold. This is also filled with beautiful micro shimmer. I applied four thin coats plus top coat, no undies. Ice Princess can also be layered over white or any other color you please. Great formula again with easy application.

Ice Princess when warm
Ice Princess in transition
(it was really hard to capture a full cold stage)
A collage to better show the color changes
Another look at Ice Princess with a bottle shot
Last up of my swatches is a bonus polish Alice sent me called Plum-Roll Please. It's a clear based glitter topper with an assortment of glitter in different shapes and sizes. This would look good over both a light or dark undie. I've paired it here with Ice Princess in it's warm state. I applied one coat over Ice Princess, plus top coat. A little goes a long way with this glitter bomb. I didn't need to do any fishing whatsoever. WIN!!

Plum-Roll Please over Ice Princess
I wish I had a macro lens to capture it's glittery goodness!
Overall, every single one of these polishes were amazing and well thought out by Alice. I love how they could still be worn throughout the year and not just limited to the winter season. Each one applied wonderfully. If I had to choose my top three, I would have to go with Vivacious Violet (I love holo), Winter Wisteria, and Blizzard of Oz, just because it is such a fantastic and deep blue.
If you would like to check out more swatches and information on this winter collection, be sure to stop by and follow Alice on IG, username @squishynpolished. There is a direct link to her store site on IG or you can also click here.
I hope you all enjoyed these lovely creations by Squishy Face Polish. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to comment below.
Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to check out the release of these polishes this evening at 5 PM PST.