Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweet Therapy Shop Body Boutique Nail Polish and Body Care Products

Hey there lovely ladies! Today, I have some amazing Sweet Therapy Shop Body Boutique Polishes and a Body Buffer to share with you. I discovered Sweet Therapy Shop Body Boutique on Instagram a couple of months ago. Tanaya, the creator and founder of Sweet Therapy Shop Body Boutique is one of the nicest girls I have met on IG. Tanaya's products are hand blended, organic, and vegan friendly. Not only does she make nail polish, she also creates luxurious body care products. Tanaya kindly sent me some samples to swatch and review for her for the second time. I will be sharing four polishes inspired by the hit TV series "Scandal" as well as two fall colors. I personally haven't watched the show "Scandel" before but I did hear good things about it.

A Scandalous Fall
 Oh Pope!
"A sexy red polish splashed with fine red & gold flecks."
Reached opacity in one coat but did two coats to even everything out. Added a top coat to this as well. I know red polish is not for everyone, but I love wearing red. And if you're a red lover, this one is no exception for you! Great formula, easy application, and fast dry time. It was really hard to capture the fine red and gold flecks.

 Oh Pope! in artificial lighting.
Oh Pope! outdoors in the shade.
Oh Pope! in the sunlight.
Gladiator in a Skirt
"A silver holographic polish with silver micro glitters."
This is two coats plus topcoat. The holo in this polish is pretty subtle and is more visible IRL.  Good formula again, very easy to apply.  I don't have anything in my collection like this!
Gladiatior in a Skirt in artificial lighting.
Gladiator in a Skirt outdoors in the shade.
Gladiator in a Skirt in the sunlight.
The holo can be seen on my pinky nail in this photo.
Pink Melody
"A magenta polish with pink shimmer."
This is two buttery coats plus top coat. I really love this one! It's simple yet elegant. Formula was fantastic too. Again, it was hard to capture the shimmer but was more visible IRL.
Pink Melody in artificial lighting.
Pink Melody outdoors in the shade.
Pink Melody in the sunlight.
You can see more of the fine pink shimmer in the sunlight.
Pining for Love
"A rich deep purple polish with holographic effects."
This is the last swatch of the Scandalous Fall Collection. I noticed this polish had a different look with and without a top coat. I will show pictures of both with and without a top coat so you can see the difference. Reached opacity in one coat but again applied two to even things out. This polish is absolutely stunning! Fantastic formula again with smooth application. For some reason my camera altered the color of this polish, making it look more blurple than purple. It's way more purple IRL!
Pining for Love in artificial lighting.
Shown is two coats, no top coat.
The holographic effect is more visible without a top coat IMO.
Pining for Love in the sunlight.
Shown without a top coat.

Pining for Love in artificial lighting.
Shown here is two coats with top coat.
Do you see the difference?
Pining for Love outdoors in the shade.
Shown here is two coats with top coat.
This is my favorite photo of Pining for Love!
This is also the most color accurate photo out of the four.
 Overall, I really enjoyed this entire collection. All of the polishes had wonderful formulas and great coverage with the first coat. Out of the four, my absolute favorite is Pining for Love! What's your favorite?
Next up, I have two more fall colors to share with you all!
"A brown polish with golden tone, mixed with gold and copper micro glitters."
I applied two coats with two coats of top coat. This polish had a bit of a bumpy appearance, making it look almost textured. I actually like it because I am a fan of textured polish. Formula was great and very easy to apply. The color of this polish is quite unique. I for sure don't own anything in my collection like it. It's a perfect fall color too.
Aria in artificial lighting.
Aria outdoors in the shade.
Aria in the sunlight.
Moroccan Moon
"A deep merlot colored polish with gold micro glitters."
This is two beautiful coats plus top coat. Moroccan moon applied like a dream! I automatically thought of red wine with this one. In fact, it made me want to drink a glass. I think this would be a perfect polish to wear on a night out, either on a date or a ladies night. The gold and copper micro glitters compliment the merlot base nicely.
Moroccan Moon in artificial lighting.
Moroccan Moon outdoors in the shade.
 Moroccan Moon in the sunlight.
Just Gorgeous!!
Here's a little recap of my swatches in no particular order.

Lastly, Tanaya was so kind to send me a body care product sample that hasn't been released in her shop yet.
Sweet Therapy Body Buffer
Sweet Amor
"A creamy blend of shea butter, organic sugar, and vitamin E"
Tanaya recommended to wet your skin prior to using this product.
This body buffer works great on your skin, hands, or cuticles.
So, I took Tanaya's advice and ran my hands under water then applied the body buffer to my fingers, focusing on my cuticles. I just rinsed it off after massaging it on my cuticles, without using soap. I did this about two times a day for the past five days. I absolutely love it!!!!! I use it in conjunction with lemony flutter, and my cuticles have been feeling so soft and smooth. It doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy either. Did I mention it smells heavenly too?! I love how the smell is not over powering as well.
I'm pretty amazed with this body buffer. I'll be adding this to my daily regimen of cuticle care. I would definitely recommend this product!
To check out Sweet Therapy Shop Body Boutique's etsy shop click here or follow @sweet_therapy_shop on Instagram for more info!
Overall, the Sweet Therapy Shop Polishes and Body Buffer are all amazing!!! I love all of the polishes, but I would have to say my top three favorites are Pining for Love, Oh Pope!, and Moroccan Moon. Which one's your favorite?!