Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indie Nail Polish Swatches on Instagram

I am so excited to finally start blogging! This is something I have thought long and hard about, and I am really happy I decided to take the next step. Little did I know when starting my nail polish account on Instagram, I would become this hooked on nail polish! So I wanted to share a little recap of some of the posts I have shared on Instagram. My Instagram name is @paintedbyjess.

I believe I started my nail account on IG this past April. I post mostly swatches but do some nail art occasionally. Here are some swatches I did recently and some a couple months ago.

First up are swatches of an indie nail polish line called Bliss Polish (Instagram @blisspolish). I am so grateful to be a swatcher or better yet bliss babe of this indie line. Bliss Polish was created by the lovely Yvette just this past August. Since then, Yvette has been able to successfully release 5 collections!!!!!! How awesome is that?! And not only are her polishes beautiful and of great quality, Yvette's customer service is second to none!


Bliss Premier Collection
 Swatches on Left: Plum Crazy and Kiss & Teal
Swatches on Right: Raspberry Punch, Tiffany Who?, and Coral Crush
Breaking Bad Collection
Based on the hit TV series Breaking Bad
Swatches on top L to R: Jesse Pinkman, Cooking, and Mr. White
Swatches on bottom L to R: Crystal Blue Persuasion, Chemistry, and Bad Bliss
Behind Closed Doors Collection
Swatches on top L to R: Bite, Tease, and Lick
Swatches on bottom L to R: Spank, Please, and Cuffed
BFF Birthday Collection
This collection was inspired by Yvette's best friend and was given to her as a birthday gift.
Unfortunately, I do not own this collection and do not have swatches. If you would like to see swatches check out @blisspolish on Instagram.

Bliss also has amazing thermal polishes. Above is a swatch of Blushing Bliss, one of the first thermals Yvette created.
 Lastly, here are swatches of Yvette's latest collection called Sons of Anarchy,
loosely based on the TV series Sons of Anarchy.
There are a total of seven polishes in this collection but I currently have three.
Swatches on the last column from top to bottom: Lyla, Opie, and Gemma
To view more swatches of this collection, check out IG @blisspolish.
If you would like to check out Bliss Polish's shop click here
Swatch of Pipe Dream Polish ( IG @pipedreampolish) Tomorrow is a Mystery
One of my favorite indie polishes.
If you would like to check out Pipe Dream Polishes' etsy shop click here
Pinwheel Polish created by Janna (IG @twirls827)
Swatches above are from Janna's latest My Favorite Halloween Movies Collection
Swatches on top L to R: The Monster Squad, Silent Hill, and The Lost Boys
Swatches on bottom L to R: The Sanderson Sisters and Trick-R-Treat 
If you would like to check out Pinwheel Polishes' online shop click here
For more detailed information on these swatches and if you would like to view more of my swatches and nail art, check out my Instagram page @paintedbyjess.